About Us

The Srimitra Solar Park LLP is promoted to utilize the natural resources in generating the Solar Power.

Now we are glad to serve the people by producing vegetables under green technology under the banner of GEMFRESH.

We intend to help the consumer by providing healthy vegetables and as well the farmer by providing the livelihood.

We are interested more in taking care of nature by growing the vegetables under green technology to prevent the contamination of the earth, air and underground water. At the same time everyone is benefited with healthy vegetables and the farmers are encouraged to follow the green technology with a monetary benefit. We have planned this model to work like collective farming and everyone will be subscribing for the maintenance of 300sft of agricultural land and on whole a lot collective farming undertaken by farmers. We will collect the produce and supply to all subscribers at their doorstep weekly once. And at the same time one can have healthy vegetables and make their monthly lucrative earnings