Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work ?
A 300sqft will be allotted to you for Maintenance and get various vegetables weekly once at your doorstep.
Will I have to go & take care of the land ?
No, Not necessary, the farmers will take care of your land for which he/she will be getting money from your maintenance charges.
Do I have to pay every month?
Yes, you have to pay every month maintenance charges.
What is a maintenance charge?
For Preparation of the land, making beds, providing drip pipes etc, labour charges, ploughing, sowing, manures etc., and taking care of the plants and charges to deliver the vegetables every week at your doorstep. A part will go to the farmers livelihood also.
When do I get Vegetables supply, once I take up the plot for maintenance?
You will get in three days from the date of receipt of the payment.
Do I get any refund if I cancel this maintenance of 300sft Farm Plot?
No refund will be given as your monthly payment is utilized for the maintenance for that particular month. If you want to opt out you discontinue from paying the monthly charges and the same plot will be allotted to others.
Do I get all varieties of vegetables?
Yes, But depends upon the season.
Do I have to go to farm and pluck myself?
Not necessary we will supply at your door step weekly once.
What is the quantity that I can expect every week?
4 – 6 Kgs of Vegetables
Do we get Root vegetables and leafy also?
Yes, you will get both.
Can we buy the Vegetables?
It will be supplied only to the people who will undertake to maintain 300sft of farm land.
Do I get any referral amount If I refer any of my friends?
Yes, if you refer any of your friends you will be entitled for 25% of Referral Earning and it will be remitted to your bank account every month 10th.
Can I earn monthly income out of referrals?
Yes, You can earn as many as numbers you refer you will be earning 25% and that will be credited to your account every month.
How the Vegetables are grown?
We are following integrated farming system with GREEN TECHNOLOGY to avoid chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Visiting The Farm

Do the farmers are benefited by the program/ model?
Yes, you are indirectly taking care of the farmers family by consuming good healthy vegetables.
What’s included in a subscription for a mini-farm ?
Everything that you need! It includes use of your ear-marked plot for growing, all seeds, saplings, fertilizers, pest control mechanisms, labour, water, utilities, use of tools and implements needed for farming and weekly deliveries of your harvest at your doorstep.


Should I plan on visiting the farm ?
Yes you can visit the Farm .Kindly inform us in advance to assist you.
Can I bring friends along for my farm visit?
Yes, you can bring your friends.
How can I change my delivery address ?
You can change your delivery address in the APP by clicking  My Account Tab.


When will you deliver ?
We will deliver you on a particular day in a week and will be notified to you through APP.
I am away on vacation for some time - can I stop my deliveries during this time ?
Yes - please set the “Pause my deliveries” option in Account->Delivery Settings if you are away on vacation. Remember to switch the option off when you are back in town!
How does the subscription to a mini-farm work ?
This operates on a pre-paid monthly subscription model. Your due date will be 5th of every month. In order to continue to receive Gemfresh services, you need to ensure your total subscription dues are paid up on or before the payment due date for each subscription period.
How do I pay ?
You can pay via a number of mechanisms supported by our online payment gateway partners - debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets and UPI.
What happens if I miss my payment due date ?
Please avoid this. When you miss the due date for payment, your mini-farm is released into a pool for allocating to new customers. If the mini-farm gets allocated to someone else, and you pay up your late dues at that point of time, you may have to be allocated a new plot - where you may have to start from scratch again.
I want to cancel my subscription. How do I proceed ?
You can cancel your subscription anytime by going to Accounts->Billing section in the app, or by sending us an email at Your services will continue till the end of your current paid-up billing cycle.